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Entrepreneurs: Don’t Forget the Big Picture

In a start-up culture, it is easy to get lost in your own world. This world includes our own language, colleague chemistry, and work ethic—and it is fine to have these unique traits internally. But we need to remember that many of our customers and peers don’t speak the language of a start-up, which isolates […]

6 Tips For Succeeding as an Entrepreneur [Video]

“If you want to be successful, you need to make sacrifices.” This ideology never sat well with serial-entrepreneur, Martin Bjergegaard. In fact, it bugged him so much that he wanted to prove it wrong—which is exactly what he did. Now, major companies, such as Google, are asking Martin to share his knowledge with their employees […]

From Big Business to Bankruptcy: Overcoming Failure in Start-ups

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki It’s not an easy task to establish a successful start-up. Competition is fierce, and even those companies that have a solid plan and great idea, are never […]

3 Myths of Corporate Team Building

Having a strong camaraderie at the office is crucial for bringing a company’s mission to the world. Employees must work together and stand unified for their cause. That is why team building exercises are common practice for most corporations. Putting together a team and having them gun for the gold medal is an ideal way […]

3 Ways NOT to Praise Your Co-Workers

When you think back on your life’s highlight reel, you probably have an eclectic mix of moments running through your head. Perhaps you scored a homerun back when you played little league baseball. Maybe you nailed a presentation that secured your company a big account. Either way, these types of moments are remembered for multiple […]

How to Choose Your Co-Founders: Find Your Future Friends

Like most men out there, I’ve always imagined pulling off an amazing heist. The concept of picking a target and doing all the extravagant planning (where money obviously isn’t an issue since the pay off will be bigger). Then comes the fun part: Getting the team together. That’s when the Ocean’s 11 montage starts. You […]

5 Ways NOT to Lead Geeks

There are those select few out there who simply understand technology. Whether it’s a natural talent, or their own genuine curiosity, these individuals have become some of the greatest artists of our time. They have become fluent in the language of code, and with it they write beautiful poetry—shaping stanzas with new words that transform […]

Talent vs Practice: The 10,000 Hour Rule

What could you do with 10,000 hours? A lot more than watch all four seasons of Game of Thrones, that’s for sure. The 10,000 Hour Rule claims that the key to success in any area is largely a matter of practice. Of course, 10,000 hours is quite a lot of time, especially for those of […]

Five Scandinavian Career Secrets To Steal

By now you’ve probably heard that workers in Scandinavian countries work fewer hours per week than workers in other parts of the world. You’ve also probably heard that Scandinavians are overall happier in their workplaces than people in many other places? Is it because they work fewer hours? Perhaps. But I don’t think working a […]

3 Business proverbs that are dead wrong!

We are continuously looking to business thought leaders for advice on how to approach our own endeavors. Phrases like “It’s a dog eat dog world” have given us the impression that the business world is a shark-filled ocean, and we need to be ready for battle with every decision we make. This is a false […]

3 Ways to be a Business Pacifist

“Get out of my face!” That was the first thing I heard through my open window this past Monday morning, and I was instantly confused. Naturally, I stuck my head outside to see what the commotion was all about. I caught the show as it was escalating, with two men yelling and giving each other […]

Entrepreneurship: Know when to pull the plug

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a conference in Copenhagen for entrepreneurship called Iværk og Vækst. While there, I stopped through to see a panel discussion called From Big Business to Bankruptcy where our own author, Martin Bjergegaard, was one of the four speakers. The panel was made up of serial entrepreneurs who have […]

5 Signs That You’re Unhappy at Work

Happiness at work seems like a win-win. Productivity goes up, sales increase, and (most importantly) employees enjoy going to work everyday. Yet, there are always two-sides to every coin. When you’ve spent as much time trying to spread happiness at work as I have, it’s natural to find unhappiness as well. But I’m grateful to […]

5 Bad Excuses For Not Quitting a Job You Hate!

We’ve all had an off day at the office. The day where nothing seems to go right, work piles up, and it seems that everything is against you. It’s normal to have this day once in awhile, but if this sounds like your standard work day, you may seriously need to re-evaluate whether your job […]

Working with your Flow: How your energy leads to Work-Life Balance

We’ve all had that moment at work when you find yourself staring at a computer screen and completely drawing a blank. The times where your brain is just completely disconnected from the task at hand, and nothing seems to flow. It’s always a strange experience—particularly when you compare it to other days where the work […]

Why You Should Speak Up At Work

Before coming to Denmark, I worked for a Chinese company in Shanghai. The overall attitude in this place was “you don’t get to have an opinion.” For younger team members in particular, it was expected that we would have to go with the flow of the company and accept everything as it was–whether we agreed or […]

Happy Employees Deliver Better Customer Service

Companies should always be striving to deliver better customer service. Most of us can recall a particularly awful customer service experience, as well as a particularly fantastic one. I know I certainly do! I recently had a bit of a Goldilocks experience when trying to purchase a mobile phone plan. I had done my research […]

The Burning Platform: Innovation or Inefficiency?

I recently read an article in the Copenhagen Post, an English-language newspaper in Copenhagen, called Wolf Among Sheep – When Security Kills. The author, a Dane himself, stated that Denmark suffers from a lack of innovation due to its social welfare state. Knowing there will always be a social safety net, he argues that Danes […]

5 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

Summer time. For some, it’s an enjoyable break—a time for rejuvenating and creating memories that will last a lifetime. For others, it is yet another frustrating reminder that work-life balance is not within reach for them. If you feel that you end up in the second category more than the first, here are five tips […]

How to be a Happy Boss: Free White Paper from Alexander Kjerulf

Alexander Kjerulf has made it his life’s work to spread happiness in workplaces across the globe. Through his teachings, he makes you realise that a happy work culture is not only the best way for employees to live, but it also has a direct impact on increasing profits. “I believe, that the future of management […]

Are You Experiencing Burnout At Work?

Not too long ago, I discussed karoshi, a phenomenon taking place in Japan where workers have died from over work. The problem has exacerbated itself over the years enough to warrant its own word, a help hotline, and even a karoshi bill to try and prevent future karoshi deaths. I also pointed out that over […]

Are You a Happy Boss? [Quiz]

A boss’ attitude can make or break the work place. A sour demeanor can put off an entire staff, making them unproductive and spiteful of both their work and employers. A happy boss can boost productivity, efficiency, and the overall attitude at the office. A happy work place has been shown to be much more […]

Myths of Modern Management: Acknowledgement

In a time where we measure like never before, it’s a paradox that the biggest danger for an organisation and its employees is the modern and well-meaning manager. Coaching and appreciative management, with democracy, equality, and a large degree of freedom for employees is not the solution; it’s a source of the problem. At the […]

Happy Mondays Series #7 – Get Started After the Holiday

Scroll through a Facebook or Twitter feed on a Monday morning and you will likely see plenty of updates about the onset of a new week and how much people are not looking forward to it: we are always confronted with the idea that Mondays are something to be universally hated. However, we can fight the idea […]

Karoshi: The Japanese Killer Work Ethic

“Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance?” declared the late former American president Ronald Reagan. Perhaps he never received much news from Japan. What is karoshi? Karoshi. Karojisatsu. These terms mean “death by overwork” and “suicide by overwork” in Japanese. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) defines karoshi as […]

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