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Entrepreneurs: Don’t Forget the Big Picture

In a start-up culture, it is easy to get lost in your own world. This world includes our own language, colleague chemistry, and work ethic—and it is fine to have these unique traits internally. But we need to remember that many of our customers and peers don’t speak the language of a start-up, which isolates […]

How NOT to Find Joy in Your Life

Joy is tricky – it doesn’t come with a map or a user’s manual. In fact, many people couldn’t even define it if they had to. Yet, it is still something most of us try to find throughout our lives. While it would be impossible to offer some sort of “joy” recipe, there are certainly […]

5 Signs You Are an Insecure Overachiever

The concept of the insecure overachiever has been thrown around in relation to global consulting firm McKinsey & Co to describe the type of people they tend to hire. A former McKinsey employee himself, Matias Dalsgaard has connected what he has learned about insecure overachievers over the course of his career to his existentially unbalanced […]

5 Things To Know About Matias Dalsgaard

It’s been two weeks since the launch of Matias Dalsgaard’s epistolary novel Don’t Despair. Interested to know a little bit more about the man behind this existential and thought provoking book? I’ve compiled five things that will help you get to know Matias Dalsgaard a bit better. 1. He started out working for McKinsey & Company […]

How Existential are You? [Quiz]

 “Who am I? What is my greater purpose?” We’ve all been confronted with the big questions out there and, presently, these answers are only limited by the extent of our imagination. But there are those who wish to push the boundaries of that limitation. They will dwell on the questions and their potential answers until […]

Are You Living By Comparison?

“Comparison is the thief joy,” said the late American ex-President Theodore Roosevelt. By this statement, Roosevelt was referring to what happens when we become wrapped up living by comparison. We are unable to be happy when we live by comparison for there will always be someone better, smarter, faster, etc. I’m not sure who Teddy […]

Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Matias Dalsgaard [video]

In this week’s Pine Tribe Author Interview, I had a chat with Matias Dalsgaard. Matias is the author of Don’t Despair: Letters to a modern man, an epistolary novel that tells the story of Rasmus, an overachiever who becomes lost after his wife and child leave him. Written through the eyes of his Uncle Morten, […]

The Material and Spiritual Life: Living in two worlds

Today, I would like to ask you a philosophical question. It is question that I have never really been able to answer myself. The question is about two worlds – about a fundamental divide in human life. It is about two different dimensions of life that we all belong to and that, from my perspective, […]

Voice of Religion

Whenever we get the day off from work, it’s usually because the day has some religious connotations. Whether it be Easter, Chanukah, or any other holiday–many of us take advantage of the time we get away to be with our families. But the actual meaning of the days we stay at home are disregarded by some […]

Need for Art

I need art. When the day has been busy, I find my moments of solitude through reading, listening to music, or watching a movie. If I don’t, my life shrinks. I might never fully understand why I have a need for art, but I appear not to be alone in this As long as mankind […]

Ideas are Magic: Taking a leap of faith with creativity

There are times when I will interrupt a problem-solving session at my company. We might be in the midst of a heated discussion, trying to really ”nail it” – be the discussion regarding our future strategy, new features for our app, monetization of our concepts, the next online marketing move or whatever current topic. Sometimes […]

Playing it Real

Young people play music. I have a little brother who is much younger than I am. He is 17, lives with our parents in the northernmost province of Denmark, goes to high school, and plays in a band. When I was 17 and in highschool I also played in a band. If you have a creative drive […]

When the World Goes Cognitive

It seems to me that in the modern world we only have negative notions for non-understanding. Science has run its race and won: We have become scientific in our approach to most things in life. We want to understand everything. Being scientific is fine when we talk about things which are – and should be – the […]



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