Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Thomas Flindt [Video]

In this edition of Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I undergo my very first Laughter Yoga session with Scandinavia’s Laughter Guru, Thomas Flindt. Thomas Flindt has been laughing for a living for over a decade. Through his work, major corporations such as Microsoft and Novo Nordisk call on him to lead them in laughter workshops. These […]

Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Thorbjörg [Video]

In this edition of our Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I sat down for a chat with Scandinavia’s Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg. Thorbjörg is the healthy lifestyle expert behind the 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks programme. During her early years, Thorbjörg battled a sugar addiction that made her body feel sluggish. She began to suffer from […]

Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Martin Bjergegaard [Video]

In this edition of Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I sit down with Work-Life balance thought leader, Martin Bjergegaard. Martin is the co-author of the book Winning Without Losing, which won the CMI award for Management Book of the Year. The book outlines 66 strategies on how to live a balanced lifestyle while running a successful […]

Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Matias Dalsgaard [video]

In this week’s Pine Tribe Author Interview, I had a chat with Matias Dalsgaard. Matias is the author of Don’t Despair: Letters to a modern man, an epistolary novel that tells the story of Rasmus, an overachiever who becomes lost after his wife and child leave him. Written through the eyes of his Uncle Morten, […]

Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Alexander Kjerulf [video]

For this edition of Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I sit down with Alexander Kjerulf, author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5, to get to know the story behind the Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc. Kjerulf, who started his career as a software engineer, began his own journey to teach others how to achieve happiness […]

Interview with Conscious Venture Lab’s Cosmina Popa [video]

A short while back, our co-founder and author Martin Bjergegaard had the chance to sit down for interview with Cosmina Popa, the Managing Director of Conscious Venture Lab. As R. Edgar Freeman said, “Capitalism is the most successful form of human social cooperation ever created.” The team at Conscious Venture Lab agree with this statement, but […]

Interview with Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth

Kristian von Hornsleth is a contemporary artist whose work ranges from painting and sculpture to social projects and subject participation. Much of his work is a combination of traditional artforms and social projects, often with confronting underlying principles that challenge the status quo in the art scene, world politics and social norms. “I like the fact […]

Interview with Musician and Patreon Co-Founder Jack Conte

After their recent trip to the USA, our founders Martin Bjergegaard and Josefine Campbell met a variety of unique entrepreneurs who are challenging the norms of the corporate world. One of these individuals is Jack Conte. Jack is a musician and entrepreneur based out of San Francisco. His company, Patreon, uses the Crowd Funding principle […]

Interview with WeForest Founder Bill Liao

To celebrate our collaboration with our reforestation partner WeForest, I was lucky enough to sit down with their founder Bill Liao for a conversation on how us humans can clean up the mess we have made of the earth, and can save the world for our children. Bill Liao however cannot be described only as […]

Interview with Visionary Coach Soleira Green

In this week’s Pine Tribe Interview, I sat down with visionary coach Soleira Green and our own Martin Bjergegaard. Soleira is an author and an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of “The Visionary Network,” a global community of visionaries, coaches, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who shares the passion for creating a more vibrant world. She […]

Interview with All-Around-Creative Laurence Shorter

In this week’s Pine Tribe Interview, I was able to sit down with authors Laurence Shorter and Martin Bjergegaard. Laurence Shorter is a past Consultant-turned-Life Coach. After working in the corporate world, Laurence decided to follow a different path. Since leaving it behind, Laurence has been a stand-up performer in the Edinburgh festival, an author, […]

Interview with Scandinavia’s Laughter Guru Thomas Flindt

I recently sat down with thought leaders Thomas Flindt and Martin Bjergegaard to discuss a topic that is often neglected, yet is the key to our happiness: Laughter. Thomas Flindt is Scandinavia’s resident Laughter Guru. For over a decade as a Laughter Coach, Thomas has been “laughing for a living.” He is the author of […]

Interview with “Escape the City” Co-Founder Robert Symington

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with entrepreneurs Robert Symington and Martin Bjergegaard. Robert is the Co-Founder of Escape the City, an online community that aims to help the people who feel stuck in their corporate lives escape their cubicles, and find positions elsewhere where they may find more personal fulfillment and […]

Interview with Chief Happiness Officer Alexander Kjerulf

The other day I was lucky enough to sit down with fellow Pine Triber Martin Bjergegaard, and Chief Happiness Officer Alexander Kjerulf to talk about happiness at work. Check out the full interview below where we discuss how management can make or break a work culture, how happiness nurtures more productive workers, and Alexander’s new […]

Submit questions for Alexander Kjerulf – Chief Happiness Officer

Alexander Kjerulf is one of the world’s leading experts on workplace happiness. Why? “You will spend more of your waking hours at work than anything else. If that time doesn’t make you happy, it’s a huge waste of life.” Alexander Kjerulf has just launched Happy Hour is 9 to 5 in the UK. We will […]



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