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Free Recipe e-Book: Thorbjörg’s “Boost Your Vitality”

Scandinavian Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg, raves about smoothies—and with good reason! Smoothies are a quick and delicious way to gather all of your daily nutrients in one quick drink. However, not all smoothies are created equal. Depending on which ingredients you use, smoothies can target and boost certain areas of your entire Vitality. Through her years […]

Steps to Vitality: Smoothies by Thorbjörg

It’s no secret: Scandinavian Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg, loves smoothies!  Having been lucky enough to get to know Thorbjörg personally, I can attest that she can suggest a smoothie for any given situation. That’s why it seems quite natural that she has written a book on how to achieve vitality through unique smoothies. Through her decades […]

6 Amazing Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot seems to be a food that people either love or hate; its red-purple colour can be off-putting for some, and many people are unsure of how to incorporate beetroot into their diet. For those who are already singing the praises of beetroot, it is truly a superfood in its own right. For those who […]

Four Simple Ways to Enhance Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can chose, and we probably don’t need to reiterate all of its benefits. It is also highly versatile, meaning it can be paired with many other flavours to create something even tastier and healthier. Here are four simple and tasty ways to enhance green tea. 1. Green […]

Six Reasons To Drink Water

After reviewing the results of my Biological Age Test, I discovered one of the biggest factors responsible for accelerating the ageing process is dehydration. Made up of 70-75% water, your body needs it to survive and properly function. If you are not properly hydrated, your body will show symptoms of fatigue, memory loss, dry skin, […]

The Top Six Apps for Self Development

In an increasingly digital age, just about everything can be done from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This includes methods for self-growth and personal development that were previously only available through expensive therapies or classes. These days smartphones are useful for more activities than just Snapchats, selfies, and cute cat memes. We can use them […]

Mental Empowerment Training: The Key to Your Child’s Brain

You may have wondered why some children get stressed and others do not, why some children whine whilst others take things in stride, or why some children blossom and others struggle. Of course, this is all due to the fact that children are different, but imagine if we all – children and adults alike – […]

Healthy Mythbusters: Is Brown Rice Any Better Than White?

Are you an advocate for dairy free alternatives, agave, and brown rice? Do you cook with olive oil or add honey to hot items? My upcoming posts will focus on cleaning up some of the healthy talk floating around, determining if you are walking the healthy walk or just talking the talk. People assume that foods in their more […]

Health MythBusters: Natural Sweeteners

Are you an advocate for dairy free alternatives, agave, and brown rice? Do you cook with olive oil or add honey to hot items? My upcoming posts will focus on cleaning up some of the healthy talk floating around, determining if you are walking the healthy walk or just talking the talk. This week is about the sweet […]

All Hail The Superfood: Goji Berries [Recipe]

Long before it was trendy in the West, superfoods and the practice of ancient Chinese medicine had been a regular facet of life in East Asia. Regardless of their high technology or fast pace of life today, East Asians are still very knowledgable about their traditional healing foods and medicines. In South Korea, ginseng was a popular […]

Five Shared Healing Powers of Lemons and Laughter

Last week I sat down with Thomas Flindt, laughter guru and author of Happy Lemons, and found out the reason behind the use of “lemons” for his book title. Certainly, the cheerful yellow nature of lemons doesn’t hurt the image, but the real reason behind the name was actually much more scientific than I realised. […]

3 Negative Effects of GMO Use

Tomato sauce, bread, cookies, veggie burgers, protein powders, chips, Cheerios, and salad dressings. Were you aware that many of these are the products of GMO or genetically modified organisms? When choosing between two options, do you typically go for the item that gives you more for your money, but is full of preservatives and GMO’s? […]

Celebrate the Big and the Small Victories

Last week, our very own laughter guru, Thomas Flindt, was featured on CNN with Sanjay Gupta to explore happiness in Denmark. The day it aired on television, we all gathered here at the Pine Tribe office for a viewing party – complete with lemonade inspired by his book, Happy Lemons. The one thing which Thomas […]

The Short List: Good and Bad Fats

Fat is a great and a life giving source, but not all fats are equal. The ability to distinguish the difference between good and bad fats will make all the difference in your health, wellness, and happiness! A word about high fat, low carb diets. I should add that not all high fat, low carb diets are all equal […]

Skinny Fat: Why Thin Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Have you ever envied the person who could toss back diet sodas, beers, and junk food and still be effortlessly thin? It seems like it would a be a dream come true, but perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. We focus so much on outward appearances, and the numbers on the scale, without considering that […]

6 Ways to Achieve Scandinavian Youthful Skin

The Koreans are world famous for the elaborate skincare routines (and great skin), but in Scandinavia they do things a bit differently. Here, there is more of a focus on achieving great skin not only through fabulous skin care products, but also through natural means like diet and a focus on a healthy lifestyle. Here […]

Pine Tribe Author Interviews: Thorbjörg [Video]

In this edition of our Pine Tribe Author Interviews, I sat down for a chat with Scandinavia’s Anti-Ageing Queen, Thorbjörg. Thorbjörg is the healthy lifestyle expert behind the 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks programme. During her early years, Thorbjörg battled a sugar addiction that made her body feel sluggish. She began to suffer from […]

Laughter is Power: Use Laughter Mindfully

I dare you to find me a bigger supporter of laughter, and the benefits of laughter, than Copenhagen’s own laughter guru, Thomas Flindt. Thomas travels extensively teaching people how to open themselves up to laughter and how to better their lives through it. Through Thomas and his book, Happy Lemons, I have learned just how powerful […]

Don’t Send That Angry Email: Avoiding Office Conflict

“Don’t Make Decisions When You’re Angry. Don’t Make Promises When You’re Happy.” I have tried my best to live by this anonymous quote—but everybody makes mistakes sometimes. Last week I had an unfortunate experience of trying to move large pieces of furniture through narrow spaces. After pivoting, wedging, and shoving for what felt like hours, […]

Let Go of Perfectionism Through Laughter

All too often, we use the word “perfect” to describe an experience, a person, or an intangible aspect of our lives. I am guilty of it as well, often reacting to a good situation by exclaiming, “That’s perfect!”. However, focusing too much on perfection can make us unhappy. It was Russian writer Leo Tolstoy in […]

5 Ways to Get Kids Eating Healthy

At a very young age, children are taught the basic virtues and moral values for integrating into society. They learn right from wrong, how to make choices, not to run out into the street, and ways to engage in public and private settings. It seems strange then to not establish health as a priority. For […]

Working with your Flow: How your energy leads to Work-Life Balance

We’ve all had that moment at work when you find yourself staring at a computer screen and completely drawing a blank. The times where your brain is just completely disconnected from the task at hand, and nothing seems to flow. It’s always a strange experience—particularly when you compare it to other days where the work […]

How to Be Your Own Laughter Guru

Many of us living in Copenhagen have been lucky enough to attend a laughter session with Thomas Flindt, laughter guru and author of Happy Lemons. Those who have participated have reported walking out feeling less stressed, lighter, and happier. Unfortunately, we can’t all have Thomas on speed dial for when we’re in need of a […]

Yoga and Hockey: Teaching Yoga to Athletes

Since the 90’s, in most yoga classes, women typically often outnumber men by a 5:1 ratio. Be it the impression of needed flexibility, the slow paced movements, connecting with the emotions, or just boredom, men are reluctant to enter yoga studios. Yet, with the rise in popularity of yoga all over the world, men have started […]

5 Ways To Stay Positive When You Think Everything Sucks

When we are positive, we focus on solutions, ideas, and possibilities. It makes us happier and more efficient workers. We know that we are in charge of our own happiness, but some days our circumstances make this task harder for us. Sometimes our work isn’t going the way it is supposed to or your know-it-all […]

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