Scandi Tech: The Best Apps for Stress-Free Travel

It is no secret that technology has rapidly changed the travel industry. I remember searching for Internet cafes and tearing pages out of guidebooks when I was 18 and gallivanting around Stockholm with my best friend. These days, in terms of both trip planning and of the day-to-day needs of travellers – smartphones have made travel so much easier. But how do we chose which apps to use and which to forget about?

Here are six of the best apps for stress-free travel planning.

1. Momondo

After years of being loyal to the same flight search engine, I have officially switched my loyalty over to Momondo. Momondo is the Copenhagen based travel search engine that allows users to find and compare prices on airplane tickets, hotels, and cars. It does not sell tickets directly on the site but provides an overview of available providers and prices, allowing customers to make the best decision based on budget and time. An advantage that Momondo has over other travel search engines is that is includes discount airlines and trains, and has a calendar showing the lowest price options.

Momondo Danish Company

Momondo is a flight search engine that allows users to find the best prices and schedules to suit their needs.

2. Everplaces

Everplaces is the perfect app for explorers (or future explorers) who can’t keep track of all the many places they have been and/or want to visit. This travel app allows users to bookmark these places to keep a record of all their discoveries. It is a social app, meaning you can share your whereabouts with your friends and trade recommendations.


Everplaces is a social discovery app that allows users to bookmark the places they have been and want to go.

3. Norwegian travel assistant

Norwegian Airlines serves a global network, including trans-Atlantic flights to various locations in the United States. It’s mobile app is one of the best I’ve used; it is simple, efficient, and keeps all your flight information in one place. With the app you can book tickets with Norwegian Airlines, keep track of your accumulated points, and receive updates on any upcoming flights.


Norwegian Travel Assistant is the mobile app of Norwegian Airlines that keeps all your flight information neatly in one place.

4. Stay

The mobile app, Stay, allows users to browse, create, and share travel guides for a large variety of destinations. The app also features Local Expert Guides, created by leading chefs, baristas, artists, etc. in the city which adds a unique touch to the app. An updated search feature now allows users to search more detailed categories and specific neighbourhoods – all available both offline and online. This saves users from expensive roaming fees without compromising usability.


Stay is a mobile app featuring downloadable, offline city guides for a variety of global destinations.

5. Create Trips 

Create Trips is a social planning app from Finland that, as the name suggests, allows users to create their own trips. It offers maps, GPS services, and reviews to help you make the perfect travel itinerary that can be posted on social media for friends to view or join in on. Create Trips also incorporates blogging, by offering mobile travel guides written by experienced travellers.


CreateTrips combines travel planning with blogging to help users create the perfect travel itinerary.

6. Guide Pal

Guide Pal offers offline city guides prepared by locals in the featured cities, offering insider information and tips to travellers. Users can focus on specific topics of interest, such as restaurants, nightlife, sightseeing, and hotels. The site has grown significantly over the years, adding more and more cities each year.


Guide Pals offers in-depth city guides written by knowledgable locals on a variety of cities worldwide.

Whether you are out exploring your own backyard, booking a spontaneous city break, or having an around-the-world adventure of a lifetime, these six apps will help you get where you need to go – without the hassle.

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Anna Guastello
5 Nov 2014

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