How to Be Your Own Laughter Guru

Many of us living in Copenhagen have been lucky enough to attend a laughter session with Thomas Flindt, laughter guru and author of Happy Lemons. Those who have participated have reported walking out feeling less stressed, lighter, and happier. Unfortunately, we can’t all have Thomas on speed dial for when we’re in need of a good laugh, so sometimes we have to take charge of our own laughter. Here are five ways to channel Thomas Flindt and start being your own laughter guru.

1. Laugh at your problems

Thomas suggests to begin by thinking about a problem you may be dealing with. Then, think of all the ridiculous things about that situation that you can. Try laughing about them; this should release the stress and tension built up from worrying. This doesn’t take away from the significance of the problem necessarily, but it does take away some of the power the worrying has over you. Thomas emphasises that it is okay if this seems too difficult.

2. Laugh at your mistakes

This goes along with the first point above, but laughing at your mistakes is more about learning to stop punishing yourself for your slip-ups. Next time you make a mistake, try to point at it and laugh a little. Thomas believes that if you repeat this often enough, it can become an entertaining habit.

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3. Forgive yourself

One of the main purposes of laughing at your mistakes is to learn how to forgive yourself. Often, we are our own worst critic, and we usually hold ourselves to higher standards than we would probably expect of other people. When we are able to laugh at our mistakes and forgive ourselves, other people become more relaxed in our presence and we invite more opportunity for genuine laughter.

4. Eat something delicious

We all have heard the term “comfort food” but there really is something to be said for the power food has to heal. Thomas personally believes that good food has the power to relieve stress, and there are many foods, such as dark chocolate, which act as natural mood elevators and pain killers. Foods rich in antioxidants also have the power to lower blood pressure, so in addition to taste you could get some great mood and health benefits!

5. Fake it until you make it

This might seem difficult to do, or go against what some people’s personal philosophies, but Thomas is in favour of faking it until you make it. In terms of laughter, he means that you should try to laugh anyways. It won’t be intentional laughter, but over time you build up your laughter muscles which will make genuine laughter easier to come by in the future. Think of it as an investment towards the future!

While we would all love to go for weekly laughter sessions with Thomas, it is just not a realistic option for most of us! Hopefully with these tips you can be inspired by Thomas’ thoughts to work towards becoming your own laughter guru.

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Anna Guastello
29 Aug 2014

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