Are You Winning Without Losing [Quiz]

Sacrifice—the word gets tossed around often when discussing success. To achieve success, whether it’s financial or professional, it has become accepted that a person will most likely have to sacrifice his or her own personal lives. Family, free-time, health; to thrive at the daily grind, you have to grind down the time you focus on yourself.

At least this is how it used to be. Now, many companies are adopting a better approach that places heavy emphasis on the concept of Work Life Balance. Successful entrepreneurs have started companies whose work cultures are built up around providing its employees the right to achieve professional success, without personal sacrifice.

Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne decided to investigate how these companies were able to achieve these work cultures, and still prosper financially. Their findings became the inspiration for their book Winning Without Losing: 66 Strategies for succeeding in business while living a happy and balanced life.

To help you determine whether or not you are experiencing work life balance, Martin and Jordan made a simple quiz that will show how you rank on the balance scale. Click the link below to find out if you truly are Winning Without Losing.

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