Are You Happy? [Quiz]

“You must be very Happy then!” 

That’s the response I get from many people abroad when I say that I am from Denmark. With Denmark continuously ranking at the top of every World Happiness Report, I completely understand why any outsider would perceive the Danes as happy people. Of course with the social security I have, the lifestyle the Danish environment offers, and the feeling of Arbjedsglæde (work happiness), I am standing on the perfect stepping stone to leap into Happiness. But does that automatically make me happy? Does that mean that those who don’t have the support Danes have can never be happy? Of course not—happiness isn’t about your standing in society, it’s much more than that.

But what is “Happiness”? How can you tell if you are truly happy?

These are questions that have most likely crossed your mind at one point—and with good reason. Happiness seems very subjective, and it appears to be quite tricky to pinpoint it exactly. At least that’s how I felt until I met Thomas Flindt.

Thomas is “Scandinavia’s Laughter Guru.” He’s literally been laughing for a living for over a decade. Since discovering the true power of laughter, he has been able to help companies improve their performance by cultivating happiness through his ideology and laughter exercises. From his research and work with laughter and happiness, Thomas has been able to locate one true factor of Happiness, and that is being in touch with your ‘Laughing Self’.

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I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn’t think that laughter was something that led to happiness—I thought the process was actually the opposite. My skepticism is one of the main reasons I started reading Thomas’ work, as I was expecting to find ludicrous theories that would let me raise a critically loaded eyebrow. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. In a very logical manner, Thomas lays out exactly why using laughter, and getting in touch with your Laughing Self, is one of the best ways to achieve true happiness. Much like how smiling forcefully will eventually make you feel joy, laughter will allow you to experience happiness. Even if it’s fake at first, you will eventually succumb to true laughter, and truly experience the moment. This is just one of many tools Thomas uses to create happiness for all.

Yet the question remains: Are you Happy? In his book Happy Lemons, Thomas has created a quiz too see just how in touch you are with your Laughing Self. The Laughing Self exists within us all, regardless of who you are or what country you are from, and we can all reconnect with them! If you aren’t entirely in touch, don’t worry—Thomas shows you how to reconnect. If you happen to already be your Laughing Self, then please don’t hold back. Share your Happiness with all!

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Take Thomas’ quiz to see if you are truly in touch with your Laughing Self

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Philip Trampe
11 Jun 2014

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