Are vitamins and supplements overrated?

Ever thought or heard this before?

“Your body doesn’t absorb extra vitamins. All you get from taking vitamin supplements is expensive urine.”

Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, or herbs are intended to complete, enhance or add further nutritional value to the diet. In 10 Years Younger in 10 weeks, Thorbjörg proposes a laundry list of supplements for the detox segment and some questions have arisen in regards to this. One valid question is what is the reasoning behind such a heavy reliance upon them? Secondly, if one does not purchase them, is the 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks programme not effective? Finally, are vitamins and supplements overrated?

As a person who has been living abroad the past six years, without a stable income, I felt my own apprehension prior to the 10 Years Younger programme. Since I couldn’t afford everything recommended, I wondered if I would still benefit from the programme. Having now done the programme and still maintaining many, if not more of the principles, I can confidently dispel all of these uncertainties. This is not just a programme for those with an overly disposable income—this is a programme for all ages and sexes. Yes, even those with tight pockets. With a few modifications, you too can reap the benefits. Consequently, if one is skeptical about supplements, why should one consider doing 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks if they cannot afford it?

Are Supplements Overrated?

It is no question, mineral and vitamin supplements can be an extra expense, but it is good to give them a chance!

First things first, why are supplements so controversial?

While I only mean to tackle mineral and vitamin supplements, supplements are generally controversial because they are expensive and accompanied by big words and benefits most do not understand. It is no secret, Thorbjörg is a huge fan of supplements. Her detox checklist includes lecithin powder, beetroot crystals, milk thistle, tricycline, probiotics; items which are not readily accessible. She advises taking 2 to 3 times the recommended dosage of vitamin B, C, D, and E during the detox period as well. Yet, some think that it is impossible to absorb all the nutrients and is just a waste of money.

So, to debunk the myth: are vitamins just expensive urine?

A canny counterargument to a vitamin and mineral supplement skeptic is finely quoted by Jack Challem. ”Expensive urine (is) a bizarre argument because a $50 restaurant meal and a bottle of fine wine also lead to expensive urine, but no one seems to be complaining about those things.” Putting it plainly, instead of indulging on more saturated fat or alcohol, why not invest in your health, happiness and wellness?

Are Supplements Overrated?

Willing to dish out the money for an expensive meal, why not use some of that money to improve your health?

Another argument against dietary supplements is that they are not backed by science, only opinion. Supplements typically carry a disclaimer, stating that the potency, purity, and biologic activity has not been confirmed. Think of it this way: good nutrition, with added vitamins or supplements, could save your life. Who is determining the so-called minimum daily percentage anyway?

We are probably deficient in minerals, even if we are already healthy. With 20 years of experience working within human risk and health fields, the nurse and licensed nutritionist, Thorbjörg believes “there may be a need to take a higher dose than the (Danish) recommended dose.” She continues to express that:

“{It} has been estimated that 60 mg of vitamin C is sufficient to preventing scurvy. It does not take into account that different supplements can optimize a function in the body which, in this case, vitamin C plays a role. Many physicians, healthcare professionals, including me, and people who go looking for optimal function and health go after optimising its functionality. Therefore, in this case, 60mg vitamin C does not make a noticeable difference for an adult but at least 1000 mg will do it if you need it.”

Are Supplements Overrated?

Thorbjörg and other health authorities believe we are presently deficient in nutrients in our diet.

Good food and appropriate supplements rebuild your intestinal flora, enzyme production, insulin sensitivity, energy, muscles, your liver’s ability to detoxify, hormonal balance, joy and balance, etc. During a detox, when going through the process of removing toxins and feeling low, mostly likely from the drastic purge, it is crucial to have more than enough power to renew and reenergise you. Therefore, it makes sense to take more than the minimum vitamins and minerals.

Yet, all evidence aside, if you cannot afford the supplements, you cannot afford them. However, supplements are not overrated. To revisit: should one not even bother reading or even attempting 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks if one cannot get all the items? No, you should still give it a chance—but with modifications that suit your lifestyle. This programme provides great structure for anyone. Do not skimp out on the good olive and coconut oils or organic produce and just get the vitamins you can afford. The benefits will have slightly different results as the potency of the detox might not be the same, but you can still gain a great deal from following the programme.

Of course, strictly follow all of the food plans Thorbjörg recommends. For example, avoid processed food, ice cream, so on. You can also save yourself money by going completely gluten or grain free during the detox. Either way, all or few supplements, I am positive that you will benefit from following 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks.

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Tiffany Lee
8 Aug 2014

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3 thoughts on “Are vitamins and supplements overrated?

  1. Lisa Scott says:

    I have to say that I have used many supplements in the past which I cannot say whether they did what it said on the label or not!, However I now use a weight loss supplement which is all natural and it has had the most amazing side effects… it sorted my hormones out…. as you know if our hormones are not balanced then our bodies will suffer in many ways. The old saying springs to mind….. you are what you eat!

  2. Tiffany Lee says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I think it depends on the quality of the supplement or if it really addresses an area that might be depleted. I’m glad that you found a supplement that works for you!