7 Ways To Go Co-Co for Coconut Oil

I can’t emphasise my love of coconut enough. I have been a fan of extra virgin coconut oil since long before I met Thorbjörg. However, following 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks has made me an even bigger fanatic of the amazingly versatile benefits of this oil. 

For the past few years, coconut oil has been making a major comeback. Coconut oil had received some harsh criticism in the past because it is so high in saturated fats (about 90%). The low down is that half of the fat in extra virgin coconut oil contains what known as lauric acid, a medium-chain triglyceride. This medium-chain triglyceride is believed to be more easily digestible, improves good HDL cholesterol (yes! cholesterol is good for you!), and is able to be more quickly converted to energy. In Woman’s World this week, Thorbjörg shares why we should embrace this and all the other awesome, healthy fats. 

7 Ways to Go Co Co for Coconut

Coconut oil is amazing as it can be metabolised and converted into energy shortly after being ingested.

If you are still reluctant or think adding extra virgin coconut oil will make your food too flavoured, here are seven other ways you can go co-co for coconut oil:

1. Body Moisturizer

Forget lotion, coconut oil is a luscious alternative to toxin-laden lotions. When it’s hot out, coconut oil offers great cooling benefits. Apply liberally, as you do not need a lot. Be sure all the oil is absorbed before putting on clothes or working on the computer. The amount of oil necessary will differ from person to person depending on individual skin type.

2. Relieve and soothe joints, muscles, and skin disorders

Massaging oil on the joints and muscles reduces inflammation, soreness, as well as increases circulation and flexibility. I advise against putting oil on before taking a yoga class as this has proved disastrous for me when I realised it had not fully absorbed into my skin. Coconut oil is also great to soothe skin disorders like eczema, psoriases, scars, and burns.

Here’s an awesome way to make an aromatic body lotion or aromatic anti-inflammatory massage oil:

Thorbjörg’s Homemade Coconut Oil with Rose or Lavender

  • Melt 200 ml/1 cup cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil
  • Mix with a few drops of rose or lavender essential oil
  • Place in fridge to harden and rub it on the skin!
7 Ways to Go Co Co for Coconut

Topical use of coconut oil will sooth skin and alleviate sore muscles.

3. Natural Sunscreen

Instead of the toxin-laden skincare products, coconut oil is a great natural alternative. I am not referring to the coconut scented tanning oil, I mean the real deal. Be mindful, coconut oil contains between SPF 4 to SPF 10, so you probably will not want to spend hours in the sun without additional protection.

4. Hair 

A little bit of coconut oil on the locks goes a long way. It will not only give your hair a fragrant smell, but will also tame frizz, smooth flyways, or prevent and repair split ends!

5. make up remover

Coconut oil works amazingly well for removing makeup, while also moisturising the skin and combatting fine lines and wrinkles!

6. Burn Fat

In case you missed out on my last post, you can burn fat with coffee. Try that awesome treat the next time you go for that coffee and jump start your metabolism! Coconut oil can also be used in all sorts of cooking, but it depends on the flavor you want.

Burn Fat with Coffee

Add extra virgin coconut oil to your coffee and burn fat!


If all else fails, use coconut oil to polish your shoes or lubricate your bike chain. In the Philippines, it has been used as a fuel for diesel engines, which is great that we can turn away from petroleum and towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly resource.

Counter arguments to coconut oil are saying that we don’t have enough long term evidence about coconut oil to confidently stand by its benefits. However, coconut has been used in some places in Asia and Africa as far back as 545 AD. Either way, if you’re not sure you want to go crazy with coconut in your food just yet, why not get friendly with it in those other ways?

Unsure about what you just read? Go with your gut! Don’t be afraid to try something new, but stay informed and aware. I was personally intimidated by 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks. In fact, I procrastinated starting for awhile before actually getting serious with it. Since then, I have found it has given me a solid framework that has only caused me to continue to dive deeper into wholesome, conscious living. I can feel the differences in my body and mind after almost completely eliminating gluten and sugar. However, I had to learn this for myself and you can too, but a practical guide is imperative to success.

There are a variety of extra virgin coconut oils out there, read the reviews on Amazon to select the right one!


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25 Jul 2014

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