6 Amazing Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot seems to be a food that people either love or hate; its red-purple colour can be off-putting for some, and many people are unsure of how to incorporate beetroot into their diet. For those who are already singing the praises of beetroot, it is truly a superfood in its own right. For those who still need to be convinced, here are six amazing benefits of beetroot.

1. Detoxify

Beetroot contains methionine and glycine betaine, which stimulates the liver cells and supports detoxification. These substances also protect your liver from the fatty depositions that are caused by protein deficiency and alcohol abuse. This doesn’t mean you can drink your heart out and supplement it with beetroot, but it will strengthen your liver’s ability to process alcohol and detoxify itself.

2. Fight Inflammation

Beetroot is chock full of antioxidants, which curb inflammation in the body. It is a unique source of betaine, a nutrient that helps protect cells in the body from environmental stress. The antioxidants in beetroot can also help cure skin inflammations such as acne, eliminating blemishes and improving the overall tone of your skin.


Adding beetroot to salads is a good way to incorporate it into your diet.

3. optimise your workout 

Drinking beetroot juice before a workout might be a smart part of your fitness plan. Beetroot can help reduce your muscles’ consumption of oxygen which means you will need less oxygen during exercise. Therefore you will have more endurance and you’ll feel less fatigued during/after a workout. Additionally, beetroot contains nitrate, which assists in carrying oxygen around your body.

4. good source of iron

Iron is an extremely important nutrient, used primarily for hemoglobin production to make the red blood cells the transport oxygen around the cardiovascular system. Studies have suggested that up to 80% of the population does not receive enough iron, and prolonged iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Beetroot is a very good, vegetarian (non-heme) source of iron that is also rich in other nutrients such as vitamin C and calcium.

5. Eye health

Raw beets contain two carotenoids: lutein and zeaxanthin, both are believed to be good for the health of your eyes, especially the retinas. These carotenoids are destroyed by heat, so it is important to eat raw beetroot to reap the benefits.

6. digestion

Beetroot plays a role in stimulating the nerves of your intestine, which helps your body to digest food properly. Additionally, beetroot is high in fiber, which helps keep you regular and leaves you feeling full and satisfied longer after a meal.

The most important thing to remember is to consume beets raw in order to obtain the maximum benefits. The powerful betalain reduces significantly when cooked, and the oxalic acid may form calcium stones when heated. One of the easiest ways to add raw beetroot into your diet, without sacrificing taste, is to add it in to a smoothie.



3 beetroots
2 apples
20g / 0.5oz freshly chopped ginger
½ dl / 1/4 cups pure, unsweetened aronia juice or acai juice
2 pinches vanilla powder

Put the beetroots, apples and ginger through your juicer. Mix with the aronia or acai juice and vanilla powder. Warm everything up and drink on an ice-cold winter day.

● Drop the heating up part and serve cold on a warm summer day.

● There are neither fatty substances nor proteins in this drink. Think about whether you would like to enjoy it with a small handful of almonds or nuts, so that your blood sugar level doesn’t run away from you.

This smoothie comes from Thorbjörg’s new book, Boost Your Vitality. Stay tuned next week, because we are releasing more smoothie recipes for you to download for free!

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Anna Guastello
13 Nov 2014

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