5 Things to Know About Thomas Flindt

Meet Thomas – yet another author from the happiest country in the world. Not surprisingly, he specializes in helping people achieve happiness, job satisfaction and success – all at once. With over 10 years of coaching experience behind him he is the go-to expert for anything laughter related–especially because he has developed his own fun techniques of getting you to a place of pure bliss and joy. Ever heard of laughter therapy, or laughter yoga? We thought so! Read on and find out what makes Thomas different.

1. He laughs for a living

Yes, seriously! Thomas has been passionate about inspiring people, teams, and businesses to have a more pleasurable and motivating work environment since 2003. He conducts laughter workshops, courses on personal development for companies, and mindfulness coaching. Plus, he enjoys sharing laughter in his free time too. For several years Thomas ran a laughter club where he would lead free laughter therapy and yoga sessions (a combination of stretching, breathing and laughing). He’s also the man behind World Laughter Day in Denmark. According to Thomas, it is truly amazing how instantly we feel released and connected when laughing together, so why not share it with as many people as possible!

2. His message is powerful, yet simple

It didn’t take long for Thomas to realize how incredibly powerful the impact laughter has on our lives. He’s found that it gets us in tune with our bodies, goals, and true selves. It keeps us present and therefore makes us more effective and successful in life. So allow yourself to kick back and have a good laugh every once in a while. Include those around you and watch the magic happen – you won’t know unless you try!

5 things to know about Thomas Flindt

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3. He knows that laughter works

Thomas is one of the leading experts in his field and has an extensive experience – he has made over 20,000 people laugh through his workshops. More than 1000 Scandinavian companies, including business giants like Siemens, Novo Nordisk and Nordea, have trusted his techniques to work, and with good reason – Thomas has proved in his research that happiness at work has a huge impact on higher profits.

4. He can tell if you are happy (or not) – and what to do about it

One of Thomas’ methods of finding out how happy an individual is, is by figuring out how in touch they are with their “Laughing Self”. Throughout his years of coaching, Thomas has discovered which personality traits and mindsets are either boosting or inhibiting a person’s ability to live through their true self. If you are curious to see how in touch you are with your “Laughing Self”, check out his quiz below.

5 things to know about Thomas Flindt

Click the image above to find out how in touch your are with your true Laughing Self.

5. Happy Lemons

The new book “Happy Lemons: How Laughter Breeds Success” has a contagiously positive effect on readers. Besides examining laughter and its roots, Thomas provides tools and exercises that we can use every day to make our workplace and everyday lives more satisfying and joyful. Intrigued? Get your copy here:

Happy Lemons coverhappy lemons

by Thomas Flindt, The Laughter Guru

Available in print and digital.

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