5 Things to Know About Alexander Kjerulf

Curious about the buzz around Happy Hour is 9 to 5? Well, we thought we would help you out by introducing you to the man behind this international bestseller, Alexander Kjerulf. Happy Hour is 9 to 5 is a tool that will help you create a more happy work-environment; but instead of just taking our word for it, here are 5 things you should know about Alexander and how he found work-happiness himself…

1. A product of his own medicine

Probably the most impressive evidence of Alexander Kjerulf’s expertise in work happiness is the fact that he is a product of it himself. Alexander received a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University Of Southern Denmark. He started his career as co-founder of an IT consulting company and has admitted to being quite unhappy at work. He soon started following the steps towards happiness that later became the book Happy Hour is 9 to 5. Now he is dedicated to helping as many people as possible find the same happiness at work that he did.

Alexander Kjerulf Quote- Happiness at Work

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2. He’s all about relationships.

Alexander preaches the book of relationships. He stresses the importance of building a strong rapport with your fellow colleagues in order to create an environment that can host happiness. From that, will come efficiency and increased productivity within the company. He encourages everyone, especially those that are unhappy at work, to put forth effort with your colleagues and try to create a friendly and fun environment before considering drastic measures, such as leaving your job.

3. He can help you Realize when you need to quit your job

Now, if you have already exerted all effort to make you work life better, then maybe it is time to consider leaving your job. Alexander knows how big of a decision this is and tries to offer all of his followers as many resources to help them make that decision. In particular, Alexander has come up with a quiz to better help your decision process. Check it out below.

quit job quiz-01

Alexander knows that it can be tough to face the fact that you may not be working in an environment that’s well suited for you. Take this quiz to see if you are spending the majority of your days in a place that helps you grow, or is detrimental to your health.

4. He has shared his message across the globe!

Alexander has been around the world and back. He has spoken in conferences in over 30 countries and has done workshops for industry giants such as Hilton, Microsoft, LEGO, IKEA, Shell, HP, and IBM.  And the demand for him is only increasing. His workshops involve teaching the science behind happiness at work and training colleagues how to create a happier workplace. As an expert on Happiness at Work, Alexander has collaborated with the Huffington Post and written countless well received articles on the impact being happy (or unhappy) at work can affect your productivity, success, and health. You can check out his company Woohoo INC, and his Chief Happiness Officer Blog to see what he can do for your employees.

Happiness is 9 to 5 (no matter the time zone)

Alex is currently the author of 4 books, but his book Happy Hour is 9 to 5 – How to Love Your Job, Love Your Life and Kick Butt at Work has already hit international bestseller status. The book has been written in languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Vietnamese, Farsi, Indonesian, and Chinese so far. Alexander wants to bring happiness to every citizen of the world, and his book is the guiding tool.

Cover_HappyHour_high-res_smallHappy Hour is 9 to 5

by Alexander Kjerulf

now available in print and digital!

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28 May 2014

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